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What to Expect From Your Electrical Contractor

If you own or run a business, it’s essential to utilise a plan that outlines the best electrical maintenance schedule for your property. Electrical maintenance covers testing, monitoring, troubleshooting, repairing, and/ replacement of electrical equipment. Commercial and industrial electrical systems are complex by nature and with that, more likely that a component could cause failure. 

Planned scheduled maintenance helps to catch potential issues before they become a problem for your business, safeguarding you against future problems. For this reason, electrical maintenance is an important part of maintaining smooth operation. WHAT IS ELECTRICAL MAINTENANCE? Electrical maintenance is as it sounds and includes maintaining or repairing the electric applications used in a commercial, industrial, or residential building. It incorporates the following areas: • Digital communication and IT infrastructure • Electrical machinery • Generators & power storage • Hydraulics and pneumatics • HVAC systems • Lighting systems • Surge protection • Electrical transformers WHY IT’S IMPORTANT

In our blog The importance of Preventative Maintenance we discussed why regular and consistent electrical maintenance should be an important part of any businesses preventative maintenance plan.  Although poorly maintained electrical systems can be dangerous to your business, staff, and clients, the potential for issues doesn’t stop there. Inefficient equipment can cost more in the long run, whether through delayed or stopped production, or in excess bill charges. Health and safety or compliance issues can also leave your business vulnerable to legal action. A facility can have hundreds - if not thousands of areas where potential issues could arise, costing you and your business long term if not addressed. Preventive electrical maintenance is the cornerstone to identifying these inefficiencies and eliminating them before they become a problem. WHAT TO EXPECT FROM YOUR MAINTENANCE PLAN Electrical maintenance is primarily carried out to ensure equipment is operating without fault. This is important in order to manage risks. Some electrical equipment carry more risk than others, with portable equipment susceptible to damaged plugs and sockets, electrical connections, or cables. Extension leads are also important pieces of equipment in need of monitoring and inspection.  Electrical shock is one of the main causes of injury when it comes to electrical equipment, so ensuring that the necessary maintenance is carried out to confirm safety and eliminate hazards is essential to identifying potential risks like: • Exposed wire contact • Electrical faults that could lead to fire • Close contact ignition sources. Electrical maintenance also covers the installation of electrical systems and equipment, servicing, and risk management measures. Preventative maintenance is designed to eliminate risks associated with electrical equipment and ensures that your systems and components are working effectively. It’s always a responsible choice to use a reputable electrical contractor to carry out regular maintenance to prevent any safety hazards or risks.  A qualified and reputable professional will also be able to ensure that your plan outlines the best electrical maintenance schedule for your business and provide the most economical ways to meet all regulatory standards.  Want to know more about how Able Air & Electrical can help you select an electrical maintenance programme for your commercial building? Contact us today on 1300 274 005, we’re always available to answer your questions.

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