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Is Having Home Professional Electrical Maintenance Worth It?

In our last chat we looked at the importance of regular preventative maintenance in a commercial or industrial property. Now, when it comes to residential properties, the regulations are nowhere near as rigorous as they are in commercial properties – however, professional electrical maintenance is still extremely important and has benefits for not only homeowners and landlords, but tenants as well. 


The main difference with residential buildings is that they can have people in and out for the entire day. Crucially, home is where we’re at our most vulnerable for the longest period of time – when we’re sleeping.

Fires caused by electrical hazards are the second-most common cause of death in the home in Australia, and one of the biggest causes of injury and property damage. Residential fires are most often caused by badly installed, misused, or poorly maintained electrical equipment.

Ensuring your property receives regular electrical maintenance means that any potential dangers are caught before they become larger issues – and professionals are trained to identify the warning signs that you might miss when doing your own checks.

Reduced Costs

A residence contains any number of different electrical systems – air conditioning, heating, lighting, home security, home entertainment – each of which can develop small inefficiencies. With the price of our electricity bills rising, the added expense of even one of these items running ineffectively can add up quickly.

Keeping your home & businesses electrical systems as tuned and efficient as possible with regular maintenance is hugely important.


Whether it’s the air conditioning refusing to turn on in the middle of the hottest summer day or your water packing up in the middle of winter – breakdowns and power outages always seem to strike at the worst possible time.

Problems like these are better off avoided by conducting regular electrical maintenance. The electrical structure of your home or business is complex with a multitude of different points where failure can occur – just like your car, given a long enough timeline without the proper maintenance, breakdowns are inevitable.

And if something does malfunction, how can you tell if it’s a problem with a fuse, the cabling, or the appliance itself? Regular checks help to find, maintain, or replace faulty parts before they breakdown and maintenance is generally far less expensive than replacement.

When DIY isn’t enough

For the household or business on a budget, DIY electrical maintenance can seem to be just the trick to save money. While this is a great strategy for smaller aspects such as checking wall outlets or protective casings on wires, for safety we recommend using a licensed professional – in DIY, electrical repair and maintenance tasks have the highest risk of incidence.

While the optimum scenario is regular electrical maintenance, there are some signs that you should have someone look everything over right now. If you’re experiencing tripping of breaker switches, discolouring of wall sockets or outlets, or small electrical shocks when plugging in or using an appliance, it’s likely there are some issues that need attending to.

Want to know more about how Able Air & Electrical can help you select an electrical maintenance programme for your home? Contact us today on 1300 274 005, we’re always available to answer your questions.

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