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Able Goes Digital

Hi all,

It has been a while since our last newsletter and we have been busy here at Able HQ moving our business into the digital age.

For those of you who have worked with us in the past couple of months, you will have first-hand experience with our new job management system AROFLO. The AROFLO system provides our field technicians with total control of their jobs, and has in turn created greater opportunities for us to improve our job delivery. One of the considerable improvements offered by the implementation of AROFLO, has been our ability to communicate with you at all stages of a job.

You may have noticed that an email or text message is being sent to you, indicating;

1. Dispatch of your technician, 2. Completion of the job and, 3. Regular reminders regarding follow-up works that have been identified

If you are not receiving these and would like to do so, give me a call in the office and I will set you up to start doing so.

You may have also noticed our technicians installing bar-coded stickers to your assets we regularly service/maintain.

These are enabling us to build asset registers within AROFLO, to better record service history, repairs and asset information. This is still a work in progress and will take some time to build registers for all sites, but it is a considerable improvement on the old system and ensures the information you require is always readily available.

Stay tuned for further updates on this and other Able solutions.

In addition to AROFLO, we have also invested in our IT and office systems which is allowing us to work completely in the cloud. By the next update, we should have our new cloud based phone system in action and we plan to make that our feature article, so if you have considered it for your business, follow closely.

We are getting lots of feedback from you regarding the changes being made and we are implementing more improvements every day, so don't hesitate to contact me to discuss anything we can do to help make your job easier.

Thanks and talk soon,

The Able Team.

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