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3 Reasons to Choose a Reliable Electrician.

Most of us know that fooling around with electricity is dangerous and while attempting to complete electrical work yourself can save you on the one hand, it could end up costing you a lot more on the other. For electrical services to be carried out safely, the expertise of a professional electrician should always be enlisted.

Working with electricity is very serious and potentially life threatening if not done completed by a licensed professional. So just like you would contact a builder to do your construct your house for you, you should hire an electrician to do your electrical work for you.

The fact that this type of work can potentially be dangerous is reason enough to showcase why an electrician should always be used to conduct electrical tasks. However, there are actually a few other good reasons as to why using a professional electrician is always a good idea…

#1: Professional, qualified, and certified electrical tradesman have the expertise to provide you with the right kind of electrical services – and at a standard you would and should expect.

Moreover, professional electricians know how to complete the work safely. It’s never safe to assume that switching off the power supply, removing fuses, and/or testing if the supply is live is enough. Electricians know how to securely create a safe environment for working with electricity and have the skills to enable safe working practices.

#2: Professional electricians keep up to date with the laws, conditions, safe work practice standards, and insurances that are required to complete electrical work.

These laws change regularly and dictate the level of work an unqualified person can carry out. They outline particular types of installation work that will require an electrician, as well as which types of work requires approval or certification.

Using a licensed electrician can provide the benefit of being quickly and comprehensively assessed, and who will notify the relevant body in order to have the work assessed and certified once it has been done.

#3: Although you might be a really talented DIY’er and you may believe that you are completely aware of all of the regulations and requirements, a licensed and experienced electrician will undoubtedly have a greater knowledge and understanding of the job requirements, including:

  • Regulations, compliances & certifications.

  • Industry standards (this could include the colouring of cables cores, required products).

  • Local authority requirements.

  • echniques for completing work to ensure a safe environment with minimal disruption and inconvenience.

  • Precise locations for drilling to fit cables in wall cavities.

  • The optimal locations and techniques for fitting cables.

  • The regulations for parts and fittings used.

For something as important as the electrical work, it’s just not worth the risk by using an amateur or anyone unqualified. All electrical work should be carried out by a qualified and skilled electrician in order to best guarantee safety and efficiency, and ultimately protect you in the long run.

Want to know more about how Able Air & Electrical can help you select an electrical maintenance programme for your commercial building? Contact us today on 1300 274 005, we’re always available to answer your questions.

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