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By Matthew francis 08 Sep, 2016
Hi all,
It has been a while since our last newsletter and we have been busy here at Able HQ moving our business into the digital age.

For those of you who have worked with us in the past couple of months, you will have first-hand experience with our new job management system AROFLO. The AROFLO system provides our field technicians with total control of their jobs, and has in turn created greater opportunities for us to improve our job delivery. One of the considerable improvements offered by the implementation of AROFLO, has been our ability to communicate with you at all stages of a job.

You may have noticed that an email or text message is being sent to you, indicating;

1. Dispatch of your technician,
2. Completion of the job and,
3. Regular reminders regarding follow-up works that have been identified
If you are not receiving these and would like to do so, give me a call in the office and I will set you up to start doing so.

You may have also noticed our technicians installing barcoded stickers to your assets we regularly service/maintain.

These are enabling us to build asset registers within AROFLO, to better record service history, repairs and asset information. This is still a work in progress and will take some time to build registers for all sites, but it is a considerable improvement on the old system and ensures the information you require is always readily available.

Stay tuned for further updates on this and other Able solutions.

In addition to AROFLO, we have also invested in our IT and office systems which is allowing us to work completely in the cloud. By the next update, we should have our new cloud based phone system in action and we plan to make that our feature article, so if you have considered it for your business, follow closely.

We are getting lots of feedback from you regarding the changes being made and we are implementing more improvements every day, so don't hesitate to contact me to discuss anything   we can do to help make your job easier.

Thanks and talk soon,
By Matthew francis 28 Jun, 2016

There are many compliance issues faced by businesses and property owners/managers everyday and it is difficult to know which Australian Standards apply to you. A great example of this situation, is the requirements of AS3003:2011 – “Electrical Installations for Patient Areas”. The standard sets out requirements for new electrical installations, additions and repairs of existing electrical installations in “patient areas”. AS3003:2011 sets out additional requirements to those laid out in AS3000:2007 – “Australian wiring rules” and many electrical contractors are unfamiliar with the requirements. Today, we will briefly touch on a few key points of the Standard and how it may relate to health care facilities.

What is a patient area?

A patient area is described in the standard as –

  “Locations where it is intended that low voltage medical electrical equipment will be used on a patient.”

Examples of facilities that may contain patient areas:

  • Accident and emergency wards
  • Chriopractic and physiotherapy rooms
  • Dental surgeries
  • Patient ensuite, bathrooms, showers, toilets etc
  • Doctors consulting rooms
  • Nursing Homes

Who is responsible and when?

If you are the health care professional, or person in charge of such facilities, it is your responsibility to ensure compliance with the standard and to classify and maintain the patient areas. If you are considering renovations or upgrades to your facility, you should consult with a Biomedical professional to appropriately classify potential patient areas, prior to commencing works. Over several years, Able has been exposed to the medical and health care industry and our technicians have the skillset required to assist you and your biomedical professional in ensuring compliance with the standard.

What are the inspection requirements for your facility?

The standard sets out the requirements for the routine inspection and testing of Patient areas and requires that these areas be subjected to routine inspections at intervals not exceeding 12 months. Compliance is not intended to establish failures with the installation but to assist in controlling the risks associated with electrical hazards. Verification items include, but are not limited to:

  • Correct use of type 1 safety switches used as LPD’s – Type 1 devices are required to operate in less 40milli seconds at 10milli amps or less. This is not to be confused with the requirements of the commonly used type 2 device.
  • Labelling and identification of circuits and outlets. This is not only good practice but is a requirement of the Standard.
  • Correct use and location of “cleaning” outlets. The standard sets out requirements for the installation of dedicated cleaning outlets. For body protected zones, a dedicated “cleaning outlet” is required with 15mtrs of the patient area.
Should you wish to discuss your facility requirements, give Able a call on 1300 274 005 to schedule a site visit.  

By Matt Francis 30 May, 2016

As a building/facility manager, you are responsible for ensuring compliance with numerous legislative requirements. Today, we wanted to have a quick review of some of the lesser known requirements and situations where building managers have been caught out. Towards the end of the article is a useful checklist to assist with identifying the common compliance items.
Most facilities managers are undertaking the obvious maintenance items like air-conditioning and mechanical services, fire panels and electrical safety switch testing, but there are apartment buildings and commercial properties that haven't considered or are unaware of compliance in regards to emergency and exit lighting, fire stair pressurisation systems and car park ventilation, and many don't ever realise the fact. If you’re unsure about the regulations Able AES can assist. Our company provides testing & compliance for all regulated services in buildings including;

  • Emergency and exit lighting
  • Stair pressurisation systems
  • Fire damper certification
  • Electrical switch board maintenance
  • All mechanical ventilation systems including car parks and exhaust systems
  • Air conditioning servicing, maintenance and repairs
Recent results from compliance checks commissioned to Able:
Case study 1.
A recent inspection (the first in some time) in a prominent apartment tower situated on the Gold Coast – A simulated power outage to test the emergency and exit lighting proved that only 20% of the available lighting worked throughout the building. The fire stair lighting failed to operate along with the car park emergency lighting, on both levels. This situation can be disastrous when people are trying to evacuate a building in the dark and also could result in significant fines if subjected to a QFES spot audit. The lesson – routine 6 monthly testing of all emergency and exit lighting is essential for the safety of building occupants and also, and is a compliance requirement stipulated in AS2293. Spot fines for failing to maintain an emergency evacuation lighting fixture start at $5500.

Case study 2.
Testing of the mechanical exhaust systems in a prominent apartment tower on the Gold Coast – Inspection and testing of the main exhaust systems (serving the bathrooms & laundry areas of the apartment tower) with over 20 floors of ducting found extensive contamination of the main duct risers with serious buildup of dust and foreign materials which, coupled with the moist conditions, can harbor harmful contaminants including mould and mildew. It was evident that the ducts had never been cleaned and also that more than 50% of the internally installed fire dampers were non-operational due to corrosion or mechanical failure due to the heavy contamination.

Case Study 3.
A recent test of stair pressurisation systems in a multi-story apartment tower – Able was approached to test the stair pressurisation systems in a 40 storey apartment tower after an incident where the fire alarm had been raised and all occupants requested to evacuate. One third of the top floors fire stairs became almost inaccessible due to the over-pressurisation of the fire doors leading to the stairs and excessive force was required to open the doors causing panic amongst the evacuees. Upon testing it was found the systems mechanical components had seized making the auto-relief non-operational. Replacement of the components rectified the faults & certification was issued once the systems passed testing.
Are you compliant? Use this  quick checklist  to help you identify issues you may have missed. File is 214kB
Please contact me for an obligation free appraisal of your client’s buildings services or if you require a free quotation for any of the above mentioned items. Don’t be caught out when it comes to building compliance.
By Matthew francis 29 Mar, 2016
Hi All,
Who can believe that we are already a quarter of the way through the year? Things have been extremely busy for Able AES and as mentioned earlier in the year, we have been working on a rebrand to reflect the merging of our business divisions and to clearly identify ourselves as a leader in the HVACR and Electrical sectors. We will now be known as Able, and we will continue to provide Air and Electrical solutions for all commercial maintenance and construction requirements. Let us know your thoughts on the new image.

It is always interesting to think of how technology has advanced over the years and where it may go in the future. If you are evenly moderately interested in Smart TV's, building automation and mobile phone apps, then listen in closely. The internet of things is the way of the future and it won't be long before our everyday lives are run wireless and remotely with limited input from us. You can now control your home air-conditioning via tablet from your workplace, switch your security lights on when your are away on holidays, and you can even monitor your office energy usage in real-time. The problem is, you need a dozen different apps at different times to be able to control them all, or you need a really expensive automation setup. There is a product developed by Samsung, called Samsung Smartthings that is one of the first of its kind and has the potential to be the central hub of your home or office, providing home security, dimming lights when you leave a room, even sending you an alert if you forget to close the back door. It isn't available in Australia yet, but for tech geeks like us, it is a promising prospect. Check out the smartthings   website to learn more.

Have you had a thermal imaging scan on your main switchboard or mechanical services switchboard recently? As we head into the cooler months, it is a good idea to have a scan and rectification works carried out to identify potential failures before they occur. Hot joints are a common cause of electrical fires and are easily identified and repaired if found early enough. 

In the mean time, check out the Belkin Wemo range. Matt installed this in his home to control the exterior lights, it allows him to turn them on before he gets home from those late nights at the office. He can also turn the lights on and off when he is on holidays, to make it appear as if someone is home.
By Matthew francis 22 Jan, 2016
Happy New Year to you all, I hope that the holidays gave everybody a chance to unwind and refresh. The New Year gives us a chance to evaluate our goals and objectives for the coming months and we have been busy doing just that. In this coming year we will roll out our new image to match the Able AES company name, following on from the successful merger of the Able Air-conditioning and Tempest Electrical brands, stay tuned for that announcement. We are also pleased to welcome Peter Howcroft to the leadership team, Peter has been engaged in the role of Business Development Manager and will focus on further establishing our position as the preferred provider of preventative and reactive maintenance services in the Electrical and HVAC industry. Peter has a long established career in the Electrical and HVAC industries and his knowledge and expertise are a great addition to our resources, feel free to drop him a line and have a chat peter.howcroft@able-aes.com.au .

Able AES now supplies and installs MyAir 5 by Advantage Air. The MyAir5 system allows you to control your ducted air-conditioning system via mobile device, from anywhere in the world.
Click here , to find out more.
By Matthew francis 09 Dec, 2015

Hi All,

As we approach the completion of 2015, I would like to take this opportunity to thank-you for trusting us with your Electrical and Air-conditioning requirements, without you we wouldn't exist. Since our merger in July, we have been able to significantly increase our services to better meet the needs of all of our clients, your support and encouragement has been greatly appreciated. We look forward to continuing these relationships long into the future.

As always if you have any comments regarding our newsletter topics or our services in general, drop me a line matt@able-aes.com.au

Please note: The Able AES office will be closing from 10am on the 24th December and re-opening on Monday the 4th January 2016, at 7.30am. During this period, we will maintain a skeleton crew only. If you require attendance at an emergency situation, call 1300 274 005 and you will be directed to our on-call technicians.

The team at Able AES, wish you a safe and Happy Christmas and we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year. Stay safe and enjoy the break with friends and family.
Kind Regards,

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